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Geltech Co., Ltd. is the only domestic Korean pharmaceutical company to pass a quality control review by the US FDA and receive cGMP validation. We have received the following quality certifications

- Jun. 2000 ISO 9001 certified by SGS Yarsley ICS
- Jul. 2001 HACCP certified by SGS Yarsley ICS
- Nov. 2001 Certificate of suitability certified by EDQM
- Mar. 2004 Inspected by US FDA in accordance with 21 CFR/110 (cGMP in manufacturing, packing, or holding human food)

We are the first gelatin manufacturer in the world to institute a fully-automated production process that ensures uniform quality and safety everytime.

We can guarantee the quality of our final product through the use of cutting-edge analytical and test equipment and strict quality control processes.

Geltech supplies only the highest quality products to our customers through strict process and quality control and fully automated process and equipment.